America's Hindu leaders have heaped praise on Nick Jonas for taking ancient Indian marriage rituals seriously ahead of his weekend wedding.

The pop star and actor is set to wed former Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra in Jodhpur, India on Saturday (01Dec18), and he has been applauded for embracing the customs of his bride-to-be's homeland and religion.

Rajan Zed, the president of the Universal Society of Hinduism in Nevada, says, "Vivaha (marriage) is one of the major samskaras (sacraments) of Hindus. Marriage is considered the highest duty it is binding not only in this life but in the life thereafter."

Zed insists the "1.1 billion-strong Hindu community worldwide is delighted with the news of the couple's wedding" adding Jonas has impressed religious leaders by attending a pre-wedding Puja (act of worship) in Mumbai, and with his plans to honour all Hindu traditions, reciting Sanskrit mantras and arriving on horseback in ceremonial garb.

The Puja ceremony took place at the Chopra family home in Mumbai on Wednesday, and the stars will reportedly participate in a Sangeet, a traditional pre-wedding celebration, on Friday.

The USH leader insists his interest in India and his future wife's religion and culture will pave the way for a successful marriage.

"Being more conversant with each other’s traditions, rituals and concepts results in a better foundation of the union," Zed adds. "It is always helpful to understand where your partner comes from in a spiritual and religious sense, because it is incorporated into one’s personal identity.

"I speak for many Hindus when I wish them well."

Jonas' brothers, family, friends and guests have now joined the groom-to-be in India, and Nick and Priyanka have showered the wedding party with gifts designed by jeweller Mitali Handa, according to Us Weekly.

The couple is set to host two wedding ceremonies in India and another celebration in New York at a later date.